2016 Boy Player of the Year: Chris Ebster

Why We're Different

The culture of JGANC is open and friendly, while committed to excellence and results. Our tournaments are affordable to ensure accessibility for all junior golfers.

As a non-profit organization, the JGANC is supported by a vast network of volunteers who are passionate about Junior Golf.  Our Board Members, Associate Directors and Tournament Directors spend countless hours creating a variety of tournament experiences specifically designed for junior golfers. 

Many junior programs are affiliated with adult golf associations.  While we work closely with the NCGA and the NCPGA, we are an independent entity.  We are solely supported by donations and membership dues, a financial model that has allowed us to grow and serve the junior golfing community since 1970.

Most of our tournaments are not based on performance! There is always an opportunity for an interested junior to play and improve their skills in our tournaments.  Players at all levels will find they are welcome and given every opportunity to succeed.

Your child will have the opportunity to…

  • Compete in fun tournaments throughout the year – at a reasonable price
  • Learn more about the game of golf and improve their game
  • Create lasting friendships with other juniors
  • Gain college recruitment exposure
  • Build youth interest in future play in the PGA/LPGA tour
  • Encourage career opportunities in the golf arena – Class A Professionals, instructor, coach, etc.
  • Develop leadership skills by participating as a Junior Advisor

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