2016 Boy Points Champion: Chris Ebster


The JGANC is a volunteer run, non-profit organization providing the best opportunity for junior golf in Northern California. Each year we solicit help from our supporters in order to continue administering one of the largest and most comprehensive junior golf associations in the country.

Dear Friends of Junior Golf,

Lending a hand to the young golfers in Northern California to further their dreams, develop their personality, give them a foundation and prepare them for the future is a prime directive of the Junior Golf Association of Northern California.

While golf is a healthy, wholesome activity that relies on both physical and mental discipline to succeed, it is also relatively expensive.  The JGANC has made every effort to open the door to young golfers regardless of economic means. But the real reality is without greater support these efforts will meet with limited success.  There is no way that the JGANC could afford to provide the platform for its members without your assistance. Remember our youth is the future.

Become a valuable partner in the development of the Junior Golf Association of Northern California; allow us to continue to provide outstanding, competitive fun junior golf events at fine golf courses in Northern California. Because the Junior Golf Association of Northern California’s goal is to make a difference young people’s lives, we ask you to consider a tax-deductible gift.

Your generous support will go a long way to help provide the platform of the JGANC and make the association the best available.  The Junior Golf Association of Northern California is a non-profit (501C 3 registered) California Amateur Golf Association.  Contributions to the JGANC are used to continue to improve the golf tournaments the association conducts.

All contributions to the association are thus Tax Deductible by individuals and corporations alike.


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  • Chad McCardell
  • Scott Merin
  • Finn O’Kelly
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  • Noa Jacobi Sklar
  • Susan S Stewart
  • Brian Steuber

  • Molly J Sutherland

  • Chieh-Fu Tu

  • Jay Udinsky

  • Jerald Udinsky

  • Mark Wallace

    Memorial Donation

    • In Memory of Richard Flynn - Janet Epstein

    *Posted as of 4/29/16.  This listing may be incomplete. Please let us know by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if we are missing your donation. We apologize for any inaccuracies and appreciate your patience and understanding.

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