Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures are in effect for all members of the Junior Golf Association of Northern California.

Policies and Procedures


To be accepted as a member of the Junior Golf Association of Northern California, all juniors, parents/guardians/spectators agree to abide by the following JGANC Code of Conduct.

The Junior Golf Association of Northern California asks our Junior Members to accept the responsibility for conducting themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.  To honor and appreciate a tournament schedule of over 60+ events, allowing them to play the top golf courses of Northern California. To work within the point system that awards play and allows each member to be eligible for special invitational events, scholarships and honors.

Members realize they may set a goal of being considered for one of the junior teams representing Northern California and our association.  Junior members should never be listed as “no shows.”  We trust that JGANC members will respect the tournament course by picking up litter and putting it in its place, replacing divots and repairing ball marks.  Courtesy and respect are honored JGANC traits and we ask that our members personally thank the host professional and tournament committee of the JGANC sanctioned events and acknowledge our Directors of the JGANC who are all volunteers on their behalf. 


In order to make the Junior Golf Association of Northern California enjoyable for everyone, ALL MEMBERS are required to abide by our “Code of Conduct” Zero Tolerance Policy.  The “Code of Conduct” needs to be followed at all times while the junior is participating in a JGANC Sanctioned Event.  Any conduct unbecoming a junior golfer and not following along with our “Code of Conduct” will get the junior immediately disqualified from the event they are participating.  There ARE NO second chances for bad behavior.

Violation of the Code of Conduct on the Golf Course

Any of the following actions by a JGANC Junior member at a JGANC Junior event or toward another JGANC Junior member constitutes a violation of the JGANC Code of Conduct Zero Tolerance Policy.  The junior will be immediately disqualified from the event and asked to leave the course:

  • Cheating
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct including obscene, abusive or vulgar language, throwing clubs
  • Disrespect to volunteers, officials or fellow competitors
  • Use of electronic devises including iPods, iWatch, Game Golf, MP3 players, radios, cell-phones and cameras during play
  • Use of distance devices, unless permitted by tournament committee
  • Use of drugs, alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco products
  • Parents/guardians ask for his/her child’s trophy/award to be given to him/her because you have a long drive home (so does everyone else), appointment or other excuses. Plan ahead.
  • Vandalism at a host hotel, abusive behavior to host family or their property


Any of the following behavior will result in a warning. Flagrant and subsequent violations will result in disqualification. Repeated infractions will result in suspension of membership:

  • Abuse of golf course property including not putting litter in its place and replacing divots and repairing ball marks
  • Not adhering to the dress code during practice round or during tournament play

Violations of Member Code of Conduct Off the Golf Course

JGANC members shall not conduct himself/herself in such a manner as to adversely impact or otherwise injure the reputation of the “Association” or its directors or members, or engage in any conduct which is contrary to or inconsistent with the policies of the Association.  Such conduct includes but is not limited to: Using e-mail or any form of communication in an abusive manner directed at members or directors of the Association.

Procedure for Code of Conduct Violations

In situations regarding violations of the JGANC Code of Conduct, it is the policy of the JGANC to address all disciplinary communication directly to the JGANC member.  If rendered on site, the violation will be immediately addressed to the member and they will be immediately disqualified and asked to leave the course.  If there is no parent or legal guardian present at the event where the violation occurs a call will be made to that member’s parent or legal guardian informing them of what has taken place at the earliest suitable time.  Parents or legal guardians will also be copied on all written disciplinary communication with that member.

Reporting of Code of Conduct Violations

Code of conduct violations must be either witnessed first-hand by a member of the JGANC Board or Staff, host course staff, reported by a member of an event’s active field in order for the alleged violation to be investigated by staff.

Code of Conduct Violation Penalties

Breach of the code of conduct occurs:

  • Player will be disqualified from the event at which the violation occurred.
  • Issue a written letter of warning to the player and his/her parent/guardian.
  • Depending on the severity of the code of conduct violation, a junior membership may be suspended for the remainder of the season following the first breach of the code of conduct.
  • A written report of the violation will be created by the Tournament Staff and forwarded to the JGANC Executive Board   for review.  The report will include a staff account of the violation, any other violations to date and all other pertinent information.
  • The JGANC Executive Board will have ten (10) days from the date of the report to decide on the status of that member.  The member will then receive a phone call and a copy of the Committee’s report along with written notice of the Committee’s decision.
  • Possible indefinite suspension of player’s membership if repeated infractions occur.

Checking the agreement box while registering online verifies the member has read, understands and agrees to adhere to the JGANC Junior Code of Conduct. 

Reinstatement Policy

Players seeking reinstatement from suspension must:

  • Submit a written request for reinstatement and/or appeal to the JGANC Executive Board within ten (10) days of notification of suspension.
  • The JGANC Executive Board will have ten (10) days from the date of submission to consider any additional information provided by the member as it relates to potential reinstatement.  The member will receive written notice of the Committee’s decision.

*All decisions made by the JGANC Executive Board shall be final.  A player may only request reinstatement once during the calendar year of suspension.  A reinstated player that commits any additional violation of the Code of Conduct will be automatically suspended for the duration of the current season and may be suspended indefinitely.


The Junior Golf Association of Northern California offers the opportunity for your child to develop character and sportsmanship through the wonderful game of golf.  In doing so the parent/guardian/spectator must also accept responsibility in reaching this goal.  The JGANC appreciates the support of the junior’s family in getting him/her to sanctioned tournaments.  We realize the financial hardship this often brings.  With the commitment you have made to bring this opportunity to your child and accepting your responsibility as a parent/guardian of a JGANC junior, you are allowing him/her to learn important life skills, as well as golf skills.

As a Parent/Guardian/Spectator, you are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

  • DO NOT check in for your child, juniors check in upon arrival.
  • DO NOT carry your child’s golf bag or pull his/her own cart.  Golf carts are not allowed.
  • The decision in competitive play must be the junior’s, not the parent.
  • Your role is that of spectator only.
  • Acknowledge of good shots for all players, not just your child’s.
  • Must accept that your child, marshal or players in the group solve the problems, make the ruling or verify a score with none of your involvement.
  • Courtesy dictates not distracting play by loud talking with other spectators and using cellular phones, radios or beepers.
  • Take pictures before or after the tournament, not during play.
  • Must stay 25 yards from the competitors using cart paths and/or the fairways.  If there are no cart paths, spectators stay to the side of the fairway.
  • DO NOT talk to competitors during the competition.
  • Your score keeping is for your own personal use only and has no bearing on the round.  DO NOT share your personal score card with competitors.
  • You DO NOT dispute rulings made by the participants, marshals, scorers and/or tournament committee.

Violation of the Parent/Guardian/Spectator Code of Conduct on the Golf Course

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct toward other junior players and spectators
  • Obscene, abusive or vulgar language
  • Use of alcohol as a spectator during competition.
  • Disrespect to tournament officials, volunteers and other players
  • Walking closer than 25 yards to competitors, being in the fairway and not to the side
  • Talking to competitors during competition
  • Interfering with discussions on rulings and scores
  • Scorekeeping as an official for your child’s group
  • Distracting play by loud talking with other spectators
  • Use of camera, cellular phone, radio, iPod or MP3 player during competition
  • Use of distance devices, unless permitted by tournament committee
  • Use of drugs, alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco products
  • Not adhering to the dress code during practice round or during tournament play

Violations of Parent/Guardian/Spectator Code of Conduct Off the Golf Course

Parent/Guardians shall not conduct himself/herself in such a manner as to adversely impact or otherwise injure the reputation of the “Association” or its directors or members, or engage in any conduct which is contrary to or inconsistent with the policies of the Association.  Such conduct includes but is not limited to: Using e-mail or any form of communication in an 
abusive manner directed at members or directors of the Association.

Parents Code of Conduct Violation Penalties in Procedural Order

  1. Parent/Guardian/Spectator is warned by one of the tournament committee and/or JGANC Director.
  2. Parent/Guardian/Spectator is asked not to follow their child during round.
  3. Parent/Guardian/Spectator is asked to leave the tournament site.

For repeated infractions at upcoming sanctioned tournaments

  1. May be asked to not accompany junior to tournament
  2. May cause player’s JGANC membership suspension as determined by the JGANC Executive Board of Directors

Checking the agreement box while registering online verifies the parent/guardian has read, understands and will share conduct expectations with other family and friends who might attend a tournament.  It also verifies agreement to 
adhere to the JGANC Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct.  Parents/Juniors are encouraged to report name/date and type of violation to the JGANC if not 
handled by the tournament committee.  Report must be signed, although 
reports are kept anonymous.

Tournament Registration

To register online, follow these easy steps below:

  • Go to http://www.JGANC.com and log into your Players Club using your Players Club ID and Password.
  • Click on the Tournaments tab to show the list of all tournaments available.
  • Click on the name of tournament you wish to register for.
  • Under Online Registration, click on the Register button.
  • Fill out all needed information.
  • Enter your credit card information. Your credit card will be charged upon acceptance into the event.

Withdrawal Procedures

Withdrawal prior to the tournament:  If it becomes necessary for a player to withdraw from a tournament that they have been accepted to play in, he or she should follow these steps:

Online withdrawal:  (Suggested method of withdrawal):

  1. Log into the Player’s Club on http://www.jganc.com using your ID and Password.
  2. Click on the Tournaments Tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Under “Status”, it will give you the option to cancel that tournament.
  4. Click on Cancel to withdraw from that tournament and then click Cancel Registration on the next screen.
  5. The player will receive an e-mail confirmation that the tournament WITHDRAWAL went through.

Phone withdrawal: (If access to the JGANC website is not available, please follow these instructions):

  1. Call the Tournament Director whose phone # is posted on the tournament’s “Info” page.
  2. Your withdrawal will be completed when you receive a confirmation e-mail.


JGANC Membership registration is non-refundable.  In general, tournament registrations are non-refundable.  Some are refundable before a certain date.  This information is listed in every tournaments’ Info page.  All cancellations are subject to a processing fee.  For medical related reason, player must contact the tournament director whose contact can be found on the tournament’s Info page.  Refunds based on any requests will be decided on a case by case basis by the Director at the host event. 

Cancellation/Refund Policy for ALL Tournaments:
  1. Up until 2 weeks prior to the event, entry fee is refundable, $15 fee processing fee.
  2. Up until 1 week prior to the event, 50% of entry fee (rounds up to the $) is refundable.
  3. Thereafter, no refund. (Exemption for medical emergency requires doctor’s note and refund up to 50% of entry fee)

Withdrawal during the tournament:
All registered players for an event who do not complete a stipulated round during the event (unless a medical condition is documented in writing by a physician within one week of the event) will be classified in one of the following categories:

No Show

Player failed to withdraw from event and failed to show up on-site will be classified as a No Show. A No Show player will appear on the JGANC’s online scoreboard as a “NS”:
    1st offense: An email will be sent to the player as a warning
    2nd offense: An email will be sent with a final warning
    3rd offense: Player will be suspended for the remainder of the season
Tournament directors have the right to refuse signup from players who have a No Show record.  Furthermore, a player with a “NS” status will not be considered for any JGANC Special Events

Justified withdrawal: Player is unable to finish a round due to verified injury, illness, or other reason approved by Tournament staff. Such player will be removed from the event and classified as a Justified Withdrawal on both the onsite and online scoreboard.

No Show at Tournament Awards Presentations

All members who have played and placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their age group(s), thereby receiving an award and points, MUST BE PRESENT AT THE AWARDS PRESENTATION to receive that award/points. 

In the event that the winner of an award is NOT present, the award and points will be given to the next player by score.  If the newly awarded player is not present, he/she will not be penalized but will be notified of their status.

This policy will be strictly enforced by all Tournament Directors, JGANC Executive Board of Directors, and/or official volunteers of each tournament on the JGANC Schedule.

Age Divisions

The division a player plays is based on his/her age on the last date of the event.  Players are not allowed to play up or down a division from their age.  THIS APPLIES TO EVERY AGE GROUP.

Dress Code

The JGANC takes great pride in the quality of its players and host facilities. In order to continue to develop and expand the outstanding relationship that the JGANC has developed with its host facilities, JGANC members, parents and spectators must adhere to the JGANC Dress Code. Please note that the Tournament Director and staff have the right to deem other attire to be improper, even if it does not appear on this list.  Proper attire is required at all times at the host facility.  Players in violation will not be allowed to tee off.  Parents/spectators in violation may be asked to leave the facility.

Required Dress Code

  • Hats/visors must be worn with brim forward
  • Males must remove their hats whenever indoors
  • Collared shirts must be worn and tucked in at all times. “mock-turtlenecks” are acceptable
  • Women’s fashion shirts without a collar are acceptable but must have sleeves
  • Slacks and shorts must be hemmed at the bottom and not frayed
  • Spike-less/non-metal golf shoes
  • Women’s fashion shirts must not rise above the belt line at any time during the golf swing
  • Women’s shorts or fashion/golf skorts must be at least fingertip length when arms are extended straight down one’s sides – or knee-length or below shorts, capris or pants.
  • Shorts must be no more than 6 inches above the knee (length of dollar bill from the top of the knees).
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.  Spike-less golf shoes or tennis athletic shoes only

Prohibited Dress

  • Tank tops and T-shirts
  • Shirts with offensive language or pictures
  • Shirts or hats with any alcohol, tobacco or drug references
  • Golf shoes with metal golf spikes
  • Slacks or shorts with holes, tears and/or frayed ends
  • Denim shorts, short shorts, cut-off shorts, gym shorts or jeans
  • Earrings (males)
  • Body piercings
  • Tattoos (must be covered)
  • Questionable attire will be reviewed by the onsite Tournament Committee

Spike-less/soft-spike/non-metal Shoe Policy

It is a requirement of the JGANC that all individuals participating in any JGANC sanctioned, sponsored or co-sponsored event wear “spike-less/soft-spike/non-metal” golf shoes. It is the sole responsibility of the JGANC member to make sure that he or she complies with this condition of competition by wearing the appropriate conforming shoes while playing in the event. Any competitor found in violation of this policy after making a stroke from their first teeing ground will be disqualified from the event.

Distance Measuring Devices

Distance-Measuring Devices: In all JGANC events, a player may obtain distance information by use of a distance-measuring device. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3.

Electronic Communications Devices

The use of pagers, cellular phones, personal music systems,(i-pods, MP3 players, cell phones with music libraries) and the like are strictly prohibited for use by participants in JGANC events. ANY participant found using the above devices during their stipulated round will be disqualified.  Use is defined as powered on and/or able to receive communications.

For instance, if your cell phone is on and you put it in your golf bag but hasn’t been silenced and it rings during play. This would be considered a violation of the JGANC Communication Devices and grounds for disqualification.

Golf Rules

Play will be governed by the USGA Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association and the Rules and Regulations of the JGANC as detailed in the Policies sections on http://www.jganc.com. All questions shall be settled by the onsite Tournament Committee, whose decision is final. New members will receive a complimentary copy of the Rules of Golf as part of the JGANC membership. Members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Rules and carry the Rules booklet in their golf bags at all times. Ignorance of the Rules is no excuse for breaking them. If you have any questions on the Rules, contact the USGA, your local PGA Golf Professional, or the JGANC office for assistance.

Schedules and Conditions

Contestants will be notified of their acceptance and tee time(s) via email, after the closing date of the event. Tee Times will also be posted on http://www.jganc.com approximately seven days prior to the event. Contestants who do not receive entry into events will be placed on a waiting list and be e-mailed a notification soon after the event’s closing date. The JGANC reserves the right to alter any of the schedules and conditions herein. The decision of the JGANC Staff and/or on site Tournament Director and Committee, in any matter, shall be final.

Practice Rounds

Practice rounds must be arranged with the host facility before the day of the event and are not included in any entry fees. All practice rounds are at the player’s expense and the discretion of the host facility.

Request for ADA Cart

JGANC Player ADA Cart Request Policy

The JGANC will evaluate, on a case-by-case basis, any request to use a cart in JGANC sanctioned events due to a claimed disability. For the JGANC to properly evaluate such requests, it is necessary to submit medical documentation setting forth the exact nature of the disability and how that disability prevents such player from walking during a stipulated round. In addition, players will have to submit information sufficient to enable the JGANC to determine that providing a cart would not provide a player with an advantage over other players. Each person seeking to use a golf cart due to a disability under the ADA must complete and submit to the JGANC the form entitled ADA Request for Cart.

In each instance where an applicant is submitting a request for a golf cart, the ADA cart request (including the required medical documentation as specified in the cart request procedures) must be submitted to the JGANC by the player (or parent) together and in writing by no later than 4 weeks prior to the closing date of that particular event.

Such information should be sent by email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
The JGANC will not evaluate requests submitted via telephone or at the site of the event.

Applicants seeking to use a golf cart in more than one JGANC event over the course of the season must submit each request individually in writing prior to the closing date of each event. The JGANC will evaluate the medical information previously submitted on the person’s behalf during the JGANC Season, provided it is current as of the relevant submission and was otherwise submitted in accordance with the procedures outlined above.

Please note that requests due to “temporary” injuries or impairments that do not qualify as a “disability” under the ADA will not be granted. A disability protected by the ADA is “a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of such individual.” 42 U.S.C.S. §12102 (2001).

ADA request for cart procedure:

What JGANC Event are you seeking to use a cart for (Event name, date)?

  1. Please explain the nature of your disability and why it requires that you use a cart?
  2. Is your disability permanent or temporary?  How long have you suffered from this disability?  Is it stable?  Has it become worse over time?
  3. Provide a list of the last ten (10) golf tournaments you have played in and state whether you walked or used a cart during these tournaments.
  4. Provide a current medical report from a physician that has evaluated your condition, describing the nature and extent of your disability and explaining why it would be beyond your ability to walk during this event.  This report should be attached and submitted with your ADA cart request.

Please note: Your request for an ADA cart (including information requested in question #5 above) must be submitted to the JGANC by not later than the Closing Date for the event, all of which must be submitted by the player (or parent) in writing.

On-site Check-in and Time of Starting

As a courtesy to fellow competitors, and to assure that events run as smoothly as possible, all players are requested to check-in at the JGANC Registration Desk upon arrival at the course. If no Registration Desk is available, please check in with the Starter. USGA Rule 6-3a provides: “The player shall start at the time established by the Committee.” The penalty for Breach of Rule 6-3 is disqualification. However, it is a condition of all JGANC Conducted Competitions that if a player arrives at his/her starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his/her starting time, in the absence of circumstances which warrant waiving the penalty of disqualification as provided in Rule 33-7, the penalty for failure to start on time is Loss of the First Hole in Match Play or Penalty of Two Strokes in Stroke Play instead of disqualification.

If a player arrives after five minutes of his/her starting time, that player will not be permitted to play in that tournament and must leave the facility. 

On-site Waiting List

If a JGANC member has registered for an event, but is still on the waiting list prior to the event, JGANC policy states that the member may come to the event site prior to the first tee-time and be placed on a “stand by” list. Please be advised that this “stand by” list will be created on a first come-first serve basis and only people who are officially on the waiting list prior to the event will be allowed to fill in. There are no on-site applications taken at JGANC events.

This is a standby waiting list, meaning the players on the waitlist must remain on site and the earliest tee time that opens will be the one assigned to them. On-site waiting list competitors will be guaranteed a spot in the field as soon as one becomes available, however, they must remain on-site at the host facility in to see if an even earlier tee time opens up, or they could lose their spot on the waiting list. If a wait list player leaves the host site and a position becomes available during that time, he/she will automatically lose his/her position, regardless if there is availability later in the day.

Spectator Carts

Spectator carts may or may not be permitted at JGANC sanctioned tournaments.  The Tournament Director will determine whether or not spectators’ carts will be available.  Spectators with a permanent and official Disabled Parking Placard/Sticker may rent a cart with the permission of the host facility.
Please note that requests due to “temporary” injuries or impairments that do not qualify as a permanent disability are at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director.

Powered Golf Carts

Players shall not use powered golf carts during JGANC events.  Pull carts are permissible, if not prohibited by the host course. (Players covered under ADA provisions shall contact the Tournament Director regarding a cart request.) To request a cart, follow the procedures outlined in the JGANC ADA Cart Request Form section


Caddies are allowed for the Boys and Girls age groups 7-11 (9-Hole Players) only, not players 12 years old and up.  Please click here to find the JGANC Caddie Policy & Procedures as well as the Caddie Permission Form that we will be using to sign in for all caddies.  All Caddies must follow the JGANC Code of Conduct Rules, this to include the JGANC Dress Code.

**** New in 2019 ****
Caddies are not allowed on the green.

Pace of Play

The JGANC Junior Pace of Play policy will be in effect in all JGANC Conducted Tournaments. The JGANC will also encourage all Tournament Directors to use and enforce this pace of play policy.

The JGANC junior pace of play policy places the responsibility for maintaining the pace of play where it belongs—with you, the players. If you are the first group in the field, play efficient golf. If you are in a following group, keep up with the group in front of you and you will not have a pace of play issue.

Local Rules sheets will have the expected time your group is to complete each nine. If you fall behind, you are expected to play efficient golf and get back into position. This might mean playing ready golf or continuous putting (stroke play only).

Tournament Pace of Play

Although the JGANC does not wish to apply penalties for undue delay, a group of players should take no more than the allotted time per round (normally 4 ½ hours) as determined by the Tournament Director.  It is imperative players recognize their position on the golf course.

Pace of Play Process

A group or individual player will be subject to penalty when the group is out of position with the group in front of them (except for the first group of the day).

Pace of Play Guidelines

The USGA Pace of Play policy is available on the USGA website:

Factors in Determining Time Per Round

Listed are some factors the JGANC takes into consideration to create the fairest possible time:

  1. Difficulty of course
  2. Length of Course
  3. Walks between holes
  4. Conditions of competition
  5. Pace of play history for course

Out of Position

A group or individual is considered out of position when they are a hole and a half behind the group in front.
Otherwise, “out of position” is defined as:

  • Not having completed the hole being played by the time the preceding group has completed the play of their hole.
  • Completion of the hole is defined as the flagstick being replaced in the hole after all players in the group have holed out.
  • A player has 45 seconds to play a shot when it is his turn to play without distraction. Penalties

A group or individual will be warned twice of a violation and any subsequent violations: a one-stroke penalty will be assessed to each player in the group/or the individual player in question and added to the hole where the infraction incurred. Penalties will be confirmed with the group by the local rules official or Tournament Director and verified in the scoring area. It is the responsibility of the player to know if he or she has received a penalty. Players signing an improper score card will be disqualified.

Rescinding of Penalty

A group or individual may have a penalty rescinded if, at the discretion of the Tournament Director AND by being in position next hole.

The JGANC reserves the right to adjust the Pace of Play Policy for all events

Appeal Process

Pace of Play penalties may be appealed to the Committee and must be made before scorecards are signed and returned. In order for an appeal to be considered, there must have been an action by the Committee, a circumstance beyond the players’ control, or some similar occurrence that contributed to the delay, such as an action by an individual member of the group. If a group receives a penalty for exceeding the pace of play for each nine, both penalties may be appealed, however, each appeal must be made and handled separately.

Rule 6-7. Undue Delay: Slow Play states: “The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the Committee may establish. Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play.”

Pace of Play Tips

The following tips will enhance your tournament experience and can keep you or your group from receiving a red card during your round.
Always show the identifying marks on your ball to your fellow competitors or opponent.

  • Get your yardage before it is your turn to play.
  • Read your putt before it is your turn to play.
  • Place your golf bag off the putting green near the next teeing ground. This avoids holding up the following group to hit while a player retrieves their golf bag from the front of the green.
  • Recognize when someone will need the flag tended or your ball marked.
  • Get to your next shot without delay. It is more important what you do between shots than during.
  • Be aware of who is away. If you’re not sure, ask.
  • Know where your group is in relation to the group in front of you.
  • If a ball is not found after a brief search, the fellow competitors should go forward and play their shots to the green and let the player and spectators continue the search.
  • If your ball might be lost outside a water hazard or out of bounds, play a Provisional Ball (Rule 27-2).
  • If a situation arises and you do not know how to proceed, play a second ball under Rule 3-3 and continue play (stroke play only). You must report the facts to the Tournament Committee afterwards regardless of score. Penalty for not reporting is disqualification.

Deciding Ties

In the event of a tie for Overall 1st place in any JGANC event, a hole-by-hole playoff will be conducted until one side wins a hole.  For purposes of awarding trophies only, ties other than for 1st place will be broken by matching scorecards, as recommended by the USGA Rules of Golf. In the event that more than two players are tied for 1st at the completion of the tournament, a hole-by-hole playoff will be conducted until 1st place is decided outright.  The order of elimination of the other competitors playing off for first will be disregarded, and matching scorecards will then be the method used to determine the rest of the positions receiving JGANC trophies. Player of the Year points for all ties broken (other than first place) will be shared and split evenly, regardless of who wins the scorecard playoff.

Matching Scorecards - This procedure will first consider the best score for the last nine holes (this nine will be the back nine of the course played). If the tying players have the same score for the last nine, the winner will be determined on the basis of the last six holes, the last three holes, and finally the 18th hole.  Should the tie still remain undecided thereafter, a hole-by hole count-back from the 18th hole shall be used to determine the winner. If all 18-hole scores are identical, then duplicate prizes will be awarded. USGA Recommended.
If a player, for any reason, leaves behind an award on-site, it is the player’s responsibility to pick up the award from the JGANC Office or make arrangements for the award to be brought to a future event. No awards will be shipped.


The following procedures must be adhered to in all JGANC conducted competitions:

  • No double par at all JGANC events
  • A Tournament official will distribute an official scorecard to all competitors
  • Competitors will exchange score cards with fellow competitors in the pairing
  • Competitors will keep score for another player in the group
  • Begin keeping score on the hole where you begin play
  • Keep up with the number of strokes of the player whose score you are keeping, as well as your own
  • Verify his/her score verbally at the completion of each hole before it is written down
  • Record his/her score, and your own score, in the proper places on the official scorecard
  • Make sure all scores are correct, legible, and the card has been signed by both the player and the Scorer
  • In stroke play, scorecards must be signed and attested in the official scoring area immediately and witnessed by a Tournament Official.

When all scores have been posted on the official scoreboard and approved by the Committee, the results of the competition shall be deemed to have been announced and the competition officially closed.

Scores are official when a player leaves the scoring area.

Discontinuance of Play/Protection Against Lightning

For your personal safety, we ask spectators to exercise caution at all times. When inclement weather moves into the area, the Tournament Director will suspend play by sounding air horns/sirens. Accordingly, you should seek permanent shelter immediately. The Tournament staff will evacuate players from the course.


The JGANC collects personal information from its members, parents, alumni and visitors to our website through membership applications, tournament entries and online applications for information that allow us to communicate with each of these groups.

The JGANC encourages parents to monitor and take an active role in their children’s online activity.  No information should be submitted, posted or provided to the JGANC by guests less than 18 years of age without the consent of their parent or guardian.

It is the policy of the JGANC to NEVER PROVIDE any personal, financial or identifying information collected by the JGANC to any third-party. 

Publicity, Broadcasting & Media Coverage

The JGANC may arrange for media coverage and publicity for all of our sanctioned tournaments. By their application, each entrant consents to references to themselves and their play in such publicity. The cooperation of all players with authorized representatives of the media is required. By registering as a member of the JGANC the member acknowledges this also includes a “talent release” allowing any pictures of the member taken during a sanctioned or official JGANC event may be used on the JGANC website and for future marketing opportunities identified by the JGANC. There is not a “no photography” option for our players as they are considered to be in the “public domain” while playing tournaments, before, during and after.

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