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JGANC sanctioned tournaments are all run by volunteer Tournament Directors through the generous support of their clubs and club members.


JGANC sanctioned tournaments are all run by volunteer Tournament Directors through the generous support of their clubs and club members. These volunteers spend months on the planning and execution of their individual events in order to offer a quality golf experience for JGANC members. We are so thankful for the many people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to create our wonderful events!

Tournament Ratings

JGANC tournaments have different ratings in order to provide opportunities for golfers of all levels.  Our tournaments are designated as National, State, JGANC Premier Points Event, JGANC Points Event, Invitation or No Points.

The JGANC point system is used for awarding performance points, and is one of the criteria used to determine qualifying for Invitational Events, selection to JGANC teams and nomination for JGANC annual awards. Awarded points are dependent upon place earned and type of tournament.  For more detailed information about points, please see section JGANC Points System below.

Tournament Exemptions

Selected JGANC tournaments have earned exemptions with other golf associations.

Tournament Results

All 2-day JGANC tournament results are reported to Junior Golf Scoreboard.  These ranking systems record your national ranking and your ranking within your graduating class.  Often, a college golf coach will check Junior Golf Scoreboard and Golfweek rankings to help them better evaluate your competitive results and the strength of your tournament schedule.  Rankings are one of the many tools coaches use to evaluate “Prospective Student Athletes.”  For more information on College Recruiting, see the JGANC College Guide under News & Information section on the JGANC website.

Additionally, we calculate JGANC points and rankings on our website.  See appropriate sections on our website for more information.


The JGANC point system is used for awarding performance points(for All Stars invitations, Co-ed Cup, Player of the Year), Team points(for Boys’ and Girls’ North Team, and Boys State Junior invitations), and Traveling Team points(for Boys Junior America’s Cup, Girls Junior America’s Cup, Hogan Cup and Mary Cave Cup). 
Details on these invitational events are explained under Special Events.

**** New in 2019 ****
Traveling Team Points
are awarded just like the Team Points.  However, they are only awarded to selected tournaments.  These tournaments are marked an asterisk (*) on the schedule.  The selection process for traveling teams will count Traveling Team points as part of the criteria.

  1. Tournaments are classified as National, State, JGANC Premier Points Event, JGANC Points Event, Invitation or No Points.
  2. Performance points are given in the junior’s age group only. Team points and Traveling Team points are given to overall performances in both Boys and Girls flights that include 14 to 18-year-old juniors.
  3. A junior must be a member of the JGANC prior to an event to receive points in that event.
  4. In the event that a tournament director does not return results of an event to the JGANC, it is the responsibility of the junior to verify their placement in the event. This verification may be done by writing a letter from the Tournament Director, sending a copy of a newspaper clipping, or by sending a photo of the scoreboard to the JGANC office.
  5. Invitational and No Point events do not receive points of any type.

Rules and Regulations for Points Determination:

  1. Only active members of the association, whose dues have been paid prior to the event, are eligible to receive points for any given event.
  2. In the event of a tie, equal points are given to players who tie. As an example, if two players tie for second place, the second and third place points are totaled and divided by two. The next player would then receive fourth place points.
  3. If a junior golfer is disqualified or sanctioned for misconduct in any event, the junior is subject to a loss of points or further disciplinary action at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  4. Points are rounded to the nearest half (1/2) point.
  5. Non-members do not receive points and their finishing position in a points awarded spot is vacated.

Performance Point, Team Point, Traveling Team Point Rules:

  1. When there are twenty (20) or more players in an age group, points are awarded to the top ten (10).  When there are fewer than twenty (20) players, points are awarded to fifty percent of the field plus one for odd numbers. For example, if an age group has twelve (12) players; points will be awarded to the top six (6) players, if an age group has thirteen (13) players; points will be awarded to the top seven (7) players. This applies to Performance Points in each age group and Team Points for overall scores for Boys and Girls 14-18 years old when the same tees are used. Points are not lost when moving into an older age group in the same calendar year.
  2. Tabulation dates are printed on the Tournament Calendar, and the JGANC website.
  3. Team points are used to determine the Boys North Team, the Girls North Team, and invitations to the Boys State Junior Championship. All members aged 14-18 are eligible for these spots. Total points are one criterion used in team selection. Sportsmanship, conduct, no-show record and character are also considered in selecting teams to represent the Association.
  4. Performance points are used to determine invitations for the All Stars Championship.

Please note: Traveling Team events are inidicated on the schedule with 2*s.


Classifications of Junior Tournaments:

  • Sanctioned tournaments receiving performance and team points
  • Tournaments receiving no points
  • Tournaments conducted by state/national groups and associations
  • Invitational events

Sanctioned Junior Tournaments: Junior tournaments must follow JGANC guidelines to qualify for sanction. Tournament sanction qualifies a junior to receive points if the junior finishes in the top ten (10) Overall or in an age group.

Sanctioned tournaments agree to conduct their events within the following guidelines:

  • Provide check-in area, starter, and rules chairman
  • Provide marshals on the course
  • Provide rules sheet/conditions of competition for all juniors
  • Posts JGANC Rules for Juniors and Parents/Spectators
  • Provide the following age groupings:
    • Eighteen (18) hole groups: Boys 16-18, 14-15, 12-13 and Girls 15-18, 12-14
    • Nine (9) hole groups: Boys 10-11, 7-9 and Girls 10-11, 7-9
  • Boys 14-18 play from the same tees. Girls 12-18 play from the same tees
  • Boys and Girls do not compete against each other (exception at the Junior Advisors Team Shoot-out)
  • Juniors must compete in the age group that their chronological age dictates
  • Players are disqualified for any breach of JGANC rules that calls for disqualification.
  • Cell Phones, PDA’s, and other electronic devices are prohibited (exception for distance measuring devices approved for the competition)
  • Motorized golf carts or club carriers are prohibited.
  • Caddies are prohibited for players 12 years old and up.  Caddies are allowed for 11 and under, please click here for more info.
  • Juniors with a physical disability who have presented verification to the JGANC Board may be approved for special dispensation for motorized transportation.
  • On-course playoffs are held ties overall and first place ties in age groups
  • All scores are posted on the scoreboard prior to awards ceremony
  • Awards ceremonies may be split to allow age groups who finish early to leave
  • All spectators must remain 25 yards from players at all times
  • Spectators may not talk to players during a stipulated round of the competition
  • Scoreboard provided and scores are posted in a timely manner
  • Tee time notifications are mailed, emailed, posted on BlueGolf, phoned or faxed unless a shotgun start is indicated on the calendar
  • All results and required reporting information are sent to the JGANC office or entered through BlueGolf within 24 hours of the close of competition

The junior membership and directors evaluate tournaments each year.  Ratings are given based on JGANC guidelines; returning results on time and returning complete results so points may be awarded.  National and state events have predetermined status.

No Points Tournament:

No Points tournaments on our calendar are for informational purposes only.

State & National Sanctioned Tournaments earning points:

  • Boys & Girls USGA Junior Qualifying
  • Boys & Girls USGA Junior Amateur
  • Girls California State Junior Amateur
  • NCGA Junior Amateur
  • Junior World
  • JGANC Match Play Championship
  • JGANC/NCGA Junior Players Championship
  • PGA National Junior Championship

State and National Tournaments Non-Point Events:

  • CIF Championship
  • Eddie Hogan Cup (invitational)
  • Mary Cave Cup (invitational)
  • Boys & Girls Junior America’s Cup (invitational)
  • Boys &Girls North-South Cup Matches (invitational)

Invitational Events: Juniors playing in an invitational event do not receive points. Invitational tournaments on the JGANC calendar follow JGANC guidelines.

Tournament of Champions (TOC):

Invitations are sent to overall champions based on strength of field and score. State/Premier point events are considered first, followed by two-day JGANC Point events, or a combination of one-day JGANC point events. Conduct, sportsmanship, and No-show record are also factors used to determine TOC invitations. JGANC members are eligible to participate in the TOC regardless of age, thus eighteen year olds may participate.

All Stars Championship:

Invitations are sent to top performance points earners in the following age groups; Boys 12-13, 10-11, 7-9, Girls 12-14, 10-11, 7-9. Conduct, sportsmanship, and No-show record are also factors used to determine All Stars invitations.

Boys’/Girls’ North Teams and Boys’ California State Junior invitations are determined by team points.  Two spots are filled as “Captain’s Choice” which will take into consideration additional golf honors and participation.  Boys/Girls Junior America’s Teams are selected by Team points, score average and tournament play during spring tournaments and the month of June and possibly early July.  Points are only one criterion in team and special event invitations.  Attitude, sportsmanship and record of no shows play a role in any selection.  Performance points determine All Stars invitations.

Match Play Events:

USGA Junior Amateur-Boys/Girls

  • Winner: 100
  • Runner-up: 75
  • Semi Finals (3rd-4th): 50
  • Quarter Finals (5th-6th): 35
  • 9th-16th: 20
  • 17th-32nd: 10
  • State qualifiers receive 15 points.
  • National qualifiers receive 25 points
  • National medalist earns 25 points.
  • Points classified as team/performance.

Boys California State Junior Amateur

1st: 75
2nd: 50
3rd: 40
4th: 35
5th: 30
6th: 25
7th: 20
8th: 15
9th: 10
10th: 5

California State Girls

Championship flight qualifiers receive 10 team/performance points. For each championship match won 10 team/performance points are awarded.  Helen Lengfeld flight earns 5 team/performance points per match.  Points are not given for consolation flights.  Starlets earn premier stroke play performance points for number of days played.  No points are given to the alumni flight.

JGANC Match Play Championships

Boys 12-13 and Girls 12-14 – 8 players
First round win – 10 Perfomance points
Second round win – 20 Perfomance points
Finals winner – 30 Perfomance points

Boys 14-15, Boys 16-18 and Girls 15-18 – 16 players
First round win – 5 Perfomance points
Second round win – 15 Perfomance points
Third round win – 25 Perfomance points
Finals winner – 35 Perfomance points

San Francisco Junior

Championship flight qualifiers earn 10 team/performance points.  Championship flight earns 7 team/performance points per match won.  First flight in age groups receives performance points per match.  No points are given for other flights.  Any stroke play groups earn premier performance points for number of days played.

Stroke Play Events-State and National:

Junior World

1st: 75
2nd: 50
3rd: 45
4th: 40
5th: 35
6th: 30
7th: 25
8th: 20
9th: 10
10th: 5

Members who make the cut in age groups that have a cut will earn 10 additional points.

  • Junior World qualifiers earn 15 team/performance points.

NCGA Amateur NCGA Qualifiers receive 10 points

JGANC/NCGA Junior Players Championship

1st: 50
2nd: 45
3rd: 40
4th: 35
5th: 30
6th: 25
7th: 20
8th: 15
9th: 10
10th: 5

JGANC Premier Points Stroke Tournaments:

1 Day Events

1st: 30
2nd: 15
3rd: 13
4th: 11
5th: 9
6th: 7
7th: 5
8th: 3
9th: 2
10th: 1

2 Day Events

1st: 35
2nd: 18
3rd: 16
4th: 14
5th: 12
6th: 10
7th: 8
8th: 6
9th: 4
10th: 2

3 Day Events

1st: 40
2nd: 22
3rd: 20
4th: 18
5th: 16
6th: 14
7th: 12
8th: 10
9th: 8
10th: 4

4 Day Events

1st: 45
2nd: 26
3rd: 24
4th: 22
5th: 20
6th: 18
7th: 16
8th: 12
9th: 10
10th: 8

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